Our Program

Peace, Justice and promotion of human rights

HEAD is a rights based organization and promote human rights. HEAD raise voice agsit violation of rights and prepare vulnerable community to claim their rights to the Government. HEAD is working for promoting peace and justice in the society and ensures necessary support to the social excluded community for their equal rights. HEAD organize anti trafficking campaign and asset to the family to rescue the victims. HEAD creates social movement with religious leaders ( Moulana, Branmon. Priest) to establish peace and hardy with all communities.

TVET and youth Development

Youth are the key target groups of HEAD and it provide training to the youths as well as liked them with the employer. HEAD organize mobilize the youth community and train them to face future challenges.

Advocacy Linkage and net working

HEAD already establish a good linkage and net working with GO, NGO, local government and private sectors. As a result the organization established linkage with the GO-NGO and successfully implementing the project and increase access to government services. HEAD conduct advocacy in community leave with social elite, religious leaders and local elected body to create a good intercultural relationship.

Women empowerment and social development

HEAD is involved with different social activities i.e. organize sensitization workshop, round table discussion, press conference and take part different procession organize by government and other organization. On the other hand the members of the organization is participating in different committee in different level and also participating in the local arbitrations.

Violence Against Women

HEAD has been working to reduce the Violence against Women, prevent child marriage, and protect victims of child marriage with the cooperation of Local Government Administration. HEAD try to prevent and protect domestic violence. Many men and women are become the victims of human trafficking and HEAD ensure for them social integration and rehabilitation.

Health and nutrition status development

The organization is organizing different health training and awareness session for its members. It is also organizing training on homestead gardening and aware the members on low cost nutrition food habit.

Promote Organic Firming

Agricultural development is a prior preference of HEAD due to its organizational nature. The organization consists of 600 vulnerable women members who are living in the village level and most of them are involved with agricultural activities. The HEAD is developing their members in association with modern agriculture and technology for agricultural development.

Climate Action

HEAD has commitment to protect environment and has taken a series of climate change action. HEAD creates social movement against river/canal grabbing, Environment pollution though Brick fields, tree plantation in the roadside. Some initiative has been taken for climate vulnerable community and adaption capacity enhance for them.

Land Rights for Landless

HEAD has declared the battle against land grabber and recovers the land from the land graver through advocacy and provides legal support to the vulnerable family who are mostly victims. Identity the khas land (VP Land) and cooperate local administration for equal distribution to the real landless families.

Decent work and Labor rights

HEAD promotes the decent work in the workplace and factory or any other working premises. It also promotes the labor rights and advocacy with the employer to ensure the proper wages and no discrimination between man and women.

Income Generating Activities

HEAD already accumulated a reasonable fund by member’s savings money and grand money by donor. The HEAD is using the money as IGA support to their members which contributes to reduce poverty alleviation and also help to develop agriculture, livestock, small business, self trade etc. In the meantime100 disadvantaged youth and women are involved with IGA and developed their livelihood status.

Entrepreneurs Development

HEAD is developing different kind of individual entrepreneurs and producer groups. The organization developed Jute products, Bamboo products, Food items, products by mud, Garments items, Export item (Rugs) and mate items etc. where involved 67 vulnerable women.

Market development

HEAD is developing market for vermi compost through its own show room and also engaging private sector/farmers. The organization already opens a show room at Binerpota under stakhira district and showing all kind of own products for marketing such as compost, good Seeds, different products. On the other hand the HEAD engaged private sector to produced rugs and ensure it to export to the foreign market.

Establish Value chain

The leaders of HEAD are well trained up on value chain system. They have taken initiatives to develop different kind of entrepreneurs in the village level by the participation of vulnerable women. They also encourage them to sale their products through organization’s show room. Show room has assured to marketing the products and also linkage with retailer and whole seller.

Current Project

Project Donor Duration Major Activities
A4I Actionaid 2018 to 2021 LEAD-To ensure entitlements of disadvantage community especially child and women by changing social attitude and promoting unprivileged leading.
LEAD Actionaid 2015 to 2018 Action for Impact (A4I)-Engage women, girls and boys in earning source providing financial support and training so that they can contribute to the family, their movement in society increase and they get the value in the family. They can engage in decision making process in the family and society.
Health and Nutrition Bangladesh Government 2019 to 2020 Health and Nutrition- Reducing malnutrition of women and children and pregnant mother
Vocational Training Caritas Bangladesh 2018 to 2019 Family planning- Awareness building program on reproductive health and distribution of birth control materials
Vocational Training- Linkage youth to T-VET and capacity/skill development of them.


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