Human rights and Environmental Action Development (HEAD) is a non-profiteering, non- government development organization formally formed in 2008 with the sincere efforts of some dedicated social workers with the objectives of assisting the disadvantaged people towards developing their social ,cultural and human resource in establishing a better livelihood for them .

Human rights Environmental Action Development (HEAD) has stated its joinery since 2008 with a commitment to defend human rights of most vulnerable marginalize minority people and indigenous community. HEAD founded and started long term intervention to unite the minority people and make them aware to claim their rights in the society and the state. During this period HEAD is recognized as renowned human rights organization and continue to fight to promote equal rights of minority people and indigenous community are living in Satkihira district.


Our Vision

Build up a society free of poverty and injustice where human rights will be protected.

Our Mission

The organization will change the man, woman and children positively and advocate the social movement to reduce poverty, establish human rights, develop environmental action, ensure transparency and accountability.

Organizational Goal

To reduce poverty, protect human rights & ensure sustainable livelihoods.

Current Donor:

  • Action AID Bangladesh
  • Family Planning Welfare Ministry
  • Health Ministry

Networking and partnership

  • Health Ministry
  • Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)
  • Xaverian Father’s Association
  • Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)
  • Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition(AAHM)
  • ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter
  • Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD)
  • Human Rights Defender Forum (HRDF)

Structure of the organization

The organization consist of two tire structure i.e. General Member and Executive Committee. General member consist of 50 members and executive committee consist of 9 members who are elected by general members for 2 years. However, the Executive Committee is responsible for guiding and watching the activities of the organization. This committee develops policy guideline at the organizational level.

List of the Executive Committee

Sl. No. Name Designation Educational Qualification Profession
1. Professor Bhudar Sarker President M.A. Development Worker
2. Mr. Sawpan Boiragee Vice-President B.A. Development Worker
3. Mr. Luis Rana Gain General Secretary/ Executive Director B. Com Development Worker
4. Ms Sarifa Khatun Treasurer B.A. Service
5. Ms Ranu Mondal Member I.A Teacher
6. S M Solaiman Member I.A Service
7. Mr. Susanta Miswas Member B.Com Business
8. Mr. Bharat Ch. Mondal Member B.A Service
9. Md. Azizur Rahman Badsa Member B.A Development Worker


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