Youth Involvement

HEAD intend to make youth as resource for future changes maker and create social change make to them. Youth group formation and their capacity building one of the priority tasks of HEAD. Youth are become volunteer in their own community and they are involved in advocacy on behalf of their own community. HEAD arranges for them skill development training so that they can build their prospective career ion future.

Objective of Youth Engagement

Youth people are involved in community volunteering and work as change maker in their community. Engage unemployed youth in vocational training and build their future career.
  • Total Youth Group-13
  • Total Union-4
  • Total members of Youth Group-500

Youth role in the Community

  • Advocacy and lobbing on social identified problem
  • Ensure descent work
  • Awareness building
  • Reducing early marriage

Advocacy and lobbing on social identified problem: Our organized youths find out social problems like child marriage, Job insecurity, indecent work, Youth unemploymentness, water logging, Road communication in rural area, Health awareness, Using organic vegetable, Land right5s, safe drinking water, women & adolescent rights, Youth empowerment etc. They talk to the relevant GO-NGO authority and community people to solve the problem

Ensure decent work: Some of our Youth group member received various technical and non-technical training. They know about SDG and labor law. They would like to implement SGD goal no.8. So they discuss with the employees and employers of informal sector about decent work and its benefits. In this way they ensure decent work.

Awareness building: Youth volunteers of the organization are the most are the most powerful component. They operate various types of developed awareness campaign like Dengue prevention, Technical education, etc.

Reducing early marriage
Due to awareness building programs our young people know the bad effect of child marriage. So they work in the community to stop child marriage.